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NOCTURNUS AD – `Hod, The Stellar Light´ Videosingle präsentiert

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Kurz vor der morgigen Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Drehers „Unicursal“ hauen die US Tech Death Metaller NOCTURNUS AD um Sänger/Drummer Mike Browning den Track `Hod, The Stellar Light´ samt futuristischem Animationsvideo raus.



As I hold the symbol, of The Yesodian Sphere
I am now transported, to the Planet Mercury

Swirling through the portal, spinning uncontrollably
Knowing not what is up or down, lost in a vacuous void
Travelling The Path of Resh, connecting Yesod and Hod
The Intellectual Path of The Sun, the Higher Level of Intelligence
The Path of Personality, to the Higher Self

Splendour of the Material World, Seat of the Human Intellect
Perfect integration of the Active Realm, that forms the Individual Mind

Initiation of the Personality, The Great Source of The Inner Light
Gathering and collecting intelligence, as the energies are symbolized

The Contact Point of The Masters, at the Base of The Pillar of Binah
The Operation of Kokab, The Sphere of The Stellar Light
Thoth, Hermes and Mercury, Messengers of The Mysteries
Teachers of The Secret Words of Power
The Force of Vibration, on The Inner Planes
Learning to pronounce The Name of God
As I vibrate the Words of Power, The True Secret of The Ancient Mysteries
Bestowing upon me, the Wisdom and Glory of Science and The Magickal Arts.
Using the Forces of Hod, immersing myself intellectually
Turning my consciousness inward, connecting with The Great Universal Mind
In The Sphere of Mercury, bathed in an Orange Light
I now receive the sigil, of The Sphere of Hod
The Wisdom of The Ages, from The Book of Thoth
The Symbol of The Builder, Craftsman of The Mysteries
Uniting opposing forces, Architect of The Mind
Using material tools, Carrier of The Idea
I am The Chosen Disciple, To Master The Universe.