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NOCTURNUS A.D. – `Yesod, The Dark Side of the Moon´ Single vorgestellt

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Vor etwa einem Monat hatten Death Metal Urgestein Mike Browning und seine NOCTURNUS A.D. den ersten Song `Cephalo God` von ihrem Nachfolger zum 2019 erschienenen Longplayer “Paradox” vorgestellt. Heute folgt der zweite Vorgeschmack `Yesod, The Dark Side of the Moon´ samt Visualizer. Die Scheibe mit dem Titel “Unicursal” wird dann am 17. Mai erscheinen.



They sent me back through the portal, to the Earth’s moon
To find the second symbol, on The Dark Side of The Moon

Travelling through the portal, through black holes in space
Faster than the speed of light, to take me to the place
To find the next symbol, what challenge will I face
Will I now encounter, another ancient race?

I find myself in a crater, deep as an ocean floor
Where I see a tunnel, that I must explore

Following it’s pathway, deep inside the cave
Will it now lead me, to my early grave
Or will I find, the symbol that I crave
Or find an elder race, that I can enslave

Descending down the tunnel, I began to hear
Sounds of something evil, ringing in my ears
An opening to a cavern, is within my sight
Then I see an altar, lit by violet light

Then I see a creature, facing to the East
What I can only describe, as a hideous Moon Beast

It is worshipping a symbol, the one I am looking for
I must now obtain it, a fate I can’t ignore

There’s no time, to, ponder, what I should do
Using my powers, that, were, given to me
I spring into action, very, quickly, and slay the Beast
Once it is dead, I, must, grab the sigil
I jump on the creature, putting, my hands, around it’s neck
It’s tentacles grab me, wrapping, around, crushing my body
I strangle the Beast, with all, my might, and twist off it’s head
I then grab the sigil, off of, the altar, and make my escape.