You are currently viewing NIGHT LASER – `Way To The Thrill` Premiere als Video

NIGHT LASER – `Way To The Thrill` Premiere als Video

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Hamburgs Sleaze Rocker NIGHT LASER haben bereits im Februar den Release ihres Studioalbums „Call Me What You Want“, mit dem `Bittersweet Dreams` Video für den 24. Mai angekündigt. Heute stellen die Glamjungs den nächsten Song namens `Way To The Thrill` online, natürlich auch gelich wieder als Video. Die Veröffentlichten des vierten Longplayers aus dem Hause NIGHT LASER steht am 24. Mai an.





Does it hurt, head against the wall

You have to climb before you fall, baby

Every day’s a lesson to be learnt

Another match another bridge gets burnt

We should know better ‘bout falling in love

It takes forever to get what we want


Hey you! You’re on the way, way to thrill

Swallow the bitter pill

Hey you! Try to play cool, try to play nice

You’re in for a big surprise

Hey you! You don’t have to be old to be wise

So they say


Try to break me, cast that evil spell

Well now I’m here to ring the bell, for you

My affection doesn’t come that cheap girl

Be careful now which way you choose

We’re made for pleasure, seduction and pain

Inside we treasure destruction and shame


Hey you…

Temptation, salvation, illumination

It’s all the same for you and I


You start to crawl, then you walk and you’ll learn

The more you give the less you get in return, no return