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Neues für Progger: FLYING COLORS – ‘More’ Livevideo

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Vom anstehenden FLYING COLORS  Release ”Third Stage: Live In London” veröffentlicht die Truppe heute ihr neues Video. ”Third Stage: Live In London” wird sowohl als DVD,  CD und DVD , LP Pack und Blue-ray erhältlich sein. Zusätzlich zum London Konzert gibt es noch weiteres Bonusmaterial.

„Playing in Flying Colors is like being in a movie … It’s so incredibly powerful emotionally, and to think this was going to be the last show was a bittersweet feeling. I love the other guys in the band and we always have such a good time on the road together. Our Chemistry is like really good sushi. There’s not one ingredient you could replace and it taste that good. It is one of the kindest and uniquely unified band’s I’ve ever been in.”