You are currently viewing Neuer Prog Power Metal von IMMORTAL GUARDIAN – ‘Phobia‘ Video

Neuer Prog Power Metal von IMMORTAL GUARDIAN – ‘Phobia‘ Video

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Das progressive Power Metal Quartet hat ihr Konzeptalbum “Psychosomatic” herausgebracht und unterstützt den Release mit dem neuen Videoclip zu ‘Phobia‘, der sich mit den neuen Ängsten in der COVID-19 Zeit beschäftigt.

„Phobia is a song about all the new fears that we developed during the pandemic. It’s almost as if things we weren’t scared before, all of the sudden, became phobias overnight. The video shows Zema’s character going through what many of us experienced during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. Increased anxiety, fear levels through the roof, psychosomatic symptoms and nobody to call for help, except the “experts”. Gabriel plays the role of a medical “expert”, that only makes things worse and actually takes advantage of the horrible situation. When are we really being helped and when are we merely someone’s paycheck? In a field that many brave ones give their lives to save other lives, are there still some that do not comply to what they’ve sworn under oath?“