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Neuer Melodic Thrash: TRISKELYON – ‘Hunger‘ Clip

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Kanada ist um eine vielversprechende Thrashband reicher: nemantlich, TRISKELYON, die sich aus Hyperia, Burning Torment und Artach Mitgliedern zusammensetzt. Herausgekommen ist bei der Kooperation zunächst einmal die selbstbetitelte drei-Track EP. Freunde klassischer Thrashsounds können sich jetzt mit dem Video zum Opener ‘Hunger‘ einen ersten Eindruck verschaffen.

Geoff Waye erklärt uns ein wenig die Bandgeschichte:

„The project formed in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It began because I wanted an outlet for more melodic, yet still savage sounding thrashy metal. I wanted to do this as a studio project so I could get things together myself, which means I can do so fairly quickly if I want to. I did all the songs, wrote the lyrics, and play all the guitar and bass on the EP. I cannot play drums, so I found the fantastic Raul Marques. I wanted the vocals to be melodic so after I had the songs together I asked my vocal god friend, Pete Healey, to do some vocals. I sent him what I had and he was into it and you can hear him on tracks „Hunger“ and „Find A Way“. The last puzzle piece for the EP is Marlee Ryley – the very versatile vocalist for the killer Canadian band Hyperia. I took a shot in the dark and introduced myself and asked if she’d like to guest on the EP and she agreed to be on the closing track „Odyssey (Blessed by Steel)“