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Neuer Death von NIGHTRAGE – ‘Nauseating Oblivion‘ Clip

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Die griechisch-schwedische Death Metal Kooperation NIGHTRAGE kündigt den letzten Teil ihrer ihrer Trilogie inspiriert von Dante’s Inferno an. “ Abyss Rising“ soll die Scheibe heißen und Anfang 22 erscheinen. Als neueste Single könnt ihr hier das ‘Nauseating Oblivion‘ Video sehen.

Bandgründer Marios über die Single;
Nauseating Oblivion is a different kind of song that I and Magnus composed and has darker riffs, and ominous and eerie atmosphere. Love the fact that even if we have different ideas, we always manage to make them fit for the signature style of the band without losing our songwriting identity. We love dynamics and the riffs on the song are very sharp and melodic, plus the clean vocal break in the middle of the song, brings some Pink Floyd vibes. Ronnie’s lyrics is about how we humans have destroyed not only our planet but also now is killing our own civilization. All we humans are smart enough to know this but instead of engollaging that fact and try to do anything about it, we instead put our heads in the sand ignoring it all. We let us all slip in to the sweet carefree state of oblivion at the same time as our world is falling apart around us. We reap the fruits of our own betrayal!!



Titelfoto: Fotis Benardo