You are currently viewing NERVOSA – Erster Track im neuen Line-Up: `Endless Ambition`

NERVOSA – Erster Track im neuen Line-Up: `Endless Ambition`

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Nachdem NERVOSA sich mit dem Abgang der prägenden Figuren Diva Satanica und Mia Wallace personell reichlich verändert haben, stellt die Band heute Prika Amaral als ihre neue Sängerin vor, die bisher „nur“ Gitarristin war. Außerdem könnt ihr erstmals die neue, zweite Gitarristin Helena Kotina, Bassistin Hel Pyre sowie Schlagzeugerin Michaela Naydenova im Video zum neuen Song `Endless Ambition` in Aktion erleben.

Prika erzählt:

„“It was a huge challenge for me. It wasn’t something I planned or expected, but after a second change of vocalist, I didn’t want to go through these changes again, so I decided to face what a lot of people have said since the beginning of NERVOSA – that I should be vocalist. But, as I always heard from some people that I didn’t have a technique, that the way I sang hurt my throat, I got carried away by that. Now, after studying vocal techniques for the last few months, I discovered that yes, I’ve always had the technique and feel comfortable facing this new journey, which I am enjoying a lot“.




NERVOSA sind: Michaela Naydenova, Helena Kotina, Prika Amaral und Hel Pyre