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NERVOSA – `Elements Of Sin` Videopremiere

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Übermorgen, am 29. September, erscheint “Jailbreak“, die erste NERVOSA Scheibe in neuer Besetzung und die brasilianischen Thrasherinnen legen noch einmal ein Video für die nächste deftig thrashende Nummer `Elements Of Sin` vor.  Bereits als Video veröffentlicht sind die Tracks `Jailbreak`, `Seed Of Death` und `Endless Ambition`

Sängerin und Gitarristin Prika Amaral über die Single:
“’Elements Of Sin’ was one of the first songs that me and Helena composed together. I remember when the riff from the chorus came at the end of 2021 and the lyrics of the chorus came together. We were so excited with this song that we also composed a few parts of the drums at that time. The process of composing of this album was very fun.“



„Jailbreak“ Trackliste:
1.  Endless Ambition
2.  Suffocare
3.  Ungrateful
4.  Seed Of Death
5.  Jailbreak
6.  Sacrifice
7.  Behind The Wall
8.  Kill Or Die
9.  When The Truth Is A Lie (feat. Gary Holt)
10. Superstition Failed (feat. Lena Scissorhands)
11. Gates To The Fall
12. Elements Of Sin
13. Nail The Coffin


Photo Credit: Tihomir Rusanov

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