You are currently viewing NERVOCHAOS – Knüppel aus dem Sack: `Lullaby Of Obliteration´

NERVOCHAOS – Knüppel aus dem Sack: `Lullaby Of Obliteration´

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Das brachiale, brasilianische Death Metal Outfit NERVOCHAOS präsentiert mit `Lullaby Of Obliteration´ eine weitere Auskopplung aus ihrem neuen, für den kommenden Freitag geplanten Dreher „Chthonic Wrath“.



In the land which is no more,
Hollow cries and sounds of hysteria.
The paradigm of indifference,
Has ushered us into this hellscape.

Pulse weakening.
Discarded as carrion.
A world in ruins.
Breath weakening.
Buried alive in a wasteland.
Your world in ruins.

You cried for peace.
They delivered through atomic destruction.
You wanted resolution.
You will find it in the rubble that is your grave.

Sacrificed, for greed.
Our lives, meaningless.
A power, struggle.
You had, no hand in.

Within the dying embers,
The promise of tomorrow fades to ash.
No fault of our own.
Power hungry animals erase the past.