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NECROWRETCH – Black Death Outfit stellt `Ksar Al-Kufar` vor

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NECROWRETCH lassen  `Ksar Al-Kufar`, die nächste Auskopplung vom kommenden fünften Langeisen “Swords of Dajjal“ los, an dem die französischen Black Death Metaller drei Jahre geschraubt haben. Zuvor hatten NECROWRETCH bereits den Song `Numidian Knowledge` online gestellt. Das Album erscheint am 05. Februar 2024.

Die Band erzählt über den Prozess:

“We spent no less than three years working on the songs, demoeing them and finetuning the details and rehearsing them as a three-piece and six weeks in the studio with Francis Caste (Hangman’s Chair, REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, Svart Crown etc.). Prior to that, we used to be a pure product of the underground, with albums done in just a couple of days whom were never 100% satisfied with in the end as we had to rush everything. We’re still very underground, mind you. But this time around, we knew we had to give it all, no matter what. So we started by changing our gear, our sound and our tuning. And once we entered the studio, we for instance spent a whole day just testing different amps just to get the right sound and crunch we were looking for. I even took some singing lessons to gain more depth and power. In a way, it almost feels like a whole new band.”



Trackliste “Swords of Dajjal“:

  1. Ksar Al-Kufar (4:22)
  2. The Fifth Door (5:30)
  3. Dii Mauri (5:07)
  4. Swords of Dajjal (4:56)
  5. Numidian Knowledge (4:12)
  6. Vae Victis (4:18)
  7. Daeva (2:49)
  8. Total Obliteration (6:13)


Photo Credit: Léonor Ananké