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NASTY SAVAGE Drummer CURTIS BEESON kämpft mit Hirntumor – GoFundMe Kampagne gestartet

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Bei CURTIS BEESON, dem ehemaligen Nasty Savage Schlagzeuger ist ein Hirntumor diagnostiziert worden. Donald Tardy, Schlagwerker bei Obituray hat eine GoFundMe Kampagne zu seiner Unterstützung ins Leben gerufen.

Seine Message zur prägenden Rolle von CURTIS und NASTY SAVAGE lautet:

Curtis Beeson helped pave the way for Florida metal music and now needs our help. Curtis recently underwent his second surgery and is having radiation treatments for a large, recurring brain tumor. Funds are being raised to help with medical bills and life expenses while he continues to put up a strong fight in this ongoing battle.

If you think you’re into Florida metal but aren’t familiar with Curtis Beeson or Nasty Savage then you must be mistaken, songs like Metal Knights, the Morgue and Dungeon of Pleasure filled a void that as teenagers, we didn’t quite know existed but felt the chasm beckoning with each geeky-ass-metallic unsequestered thought. Ever hear of Death or Obituary? Well, you may not have had it not been for Curtis and his bandmates’ savage brand of metal, which drew out voracious masses from high schools and uncools everywhere to a place where they felt an umbilical awakening that brought new life to a surging middle ground that possibly shouldn’t have existed in the first place. When it all boils down to it, if you are listening to Florida based metal, or digging some double bass, you owe a nod or more to Curtis Beeson and foragers like him who were willing to drive a taxi their whole life to do what they loved, represent no one but also include anyone who felt so left alone. Curtis is going through his second wind of a major battle with a very large brain tumor which has returned since its first excision ten years ago…what does this say? THAT IT CAN BE BEATEN, JUST AS THAT BEESON BEAT THOSE DRUMS!!! So cough it up for Curtis and know that, for once these days, your dollar can change a life, to help with a medial bill or just make the battle stronger, as he did your own. *****GIVEN THE SENSITIVE NATURE OF THIS EVENT POSEURS WILL NOT DIE BUT WE MAY HARVEST THEIR STEM CELLS TO FIND A CURE****…for being a poseur that is, there is no cure for being Curtis and we wouldn’t want one!!!“


Tardys Obituary Bandkollege Terry Butler schickt folgende Nachricht über die Social Media::

We at Obituary are turning to you guys…our Metal family, worldwide to help us help a brother in real need of support.

Curtis Beeson, drummer for Nasty Savage and friend of 35 years needs our help with his Brain Tumor Battle so please help us help him. We set up a GoFundMe to raise much needed money for his medical and life expenses as he puts up a strong fight in this ongoing battle. Please donate what you can, when you can and share this link to help spread the word. Any amount helps him tremendously and is appreciated more than words can describe!”


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