You are currently viewing NARCOTIC WASTELAND – Dallas Toler-Wade (Ex-NILE) streamt `Sex Lies and DNA` Video

NARCOTIC WASTELAND – Dallas Toler-Wade (Ex-NILE) streamt `Sex Lies and DNA` Video

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Das vom ehemaligen Nile Mitglied Dallas Toler-Wade angeführte Tech-Death und Thrash Outfit NARCOTIC WASTELAND schickt ein Video zu ihrer Single Sex Lies and DNA`, die sich mit True Crime Stories beschäftigt.

Gitarrist und Sänger Dallas erzählt:

This song lyrically shows my ever-growing fascination with true crime. As I was working on this song, I asked myself a question. I asked myself what’s worse? A serial killer that has to ritual kill for power and control over the victim, or the husband or wife that kills their partner for a life insurance payout? It’s all equally bad, of course. The difference for me is I am fascinated with serial killers, but these other petty selfish murders like for money disgust me. While there are different reasons people kill, it all seems to stem from being a sociopath. The level of detachment and selfishness is astounding. And many of these murders, whether it be from a serial killer or more on the domestic side of things, drugs, and alcohol often play a role. Musically, „Sex Lies & DNA“ showcases the band’s signature frantic tri-tonal riffing combined with an old-school speed metal/punk vibe, particularly evident in the powerful chorus chant.“