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NAIL WITHIN ft. TOM ANGELRIPPER – Old School Thrasher streamen `Bleeding Society`

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Israels Old School Thrasher sind nach ihrem kurzen Leben und jähen Ende 2003 wieder auferstanden und kündigen für den 17. November ihr erstes neues Album „Sound Of Demise“ an. Als erstes streamen die alten Recken  den Track `Bleeding Society`, zu dem Sodoms TOM ANGELRIPPER Gastvocals beisteuert.

Shouter Yishai Sweartz erklärt zur neuen Single:

„It tells the story we all know of a world turnin‘ more and more primitive while technology is getting better. On one hand Israel is a top cyber force, a high tech „nation“ with tons of start-ups and the highest technology, on the other hand people here are getting used to violence on an almost daily base, and this violence is a result of blind primitive beliefs – can you imagine that in 2023 people throw rockets from one side to another, or people go out to stab someone with a knife just because he is not a part of what they believe in? The higher we go with technology, the more primitive we go in our behaviors. People have lost the ability to talk, to listen, to pay attention to others. They send icons via WhatsApp instead of talking, are screaming without listening, and cancel those who are different or the ones they can’t understand. I think that in the 90’s, society was more open in general. Here we are in 2023 and we still talk about things like the abortion issue in the U.S, or ISIS in the Middle East, or the high level of ignorance and violence in our country. We can send people to the moon but still people decline the different, bleeding society indeed.

We invited Tom Angelripper from Sodom to sing with us. Sodom’s lyrics started to deal with society and the barbarism of mankind around 1989 with „Agent Orange“ and later on with „Better Off Dead“, and they still write about these things as sadly it’s still relevant today.“





01. Bleeding Society
02. Eyes Of Evile
03. Sound Of Demise
04. Regression… And The Price We Pay
05. Duplicate Our Lives
06. Years Of Madness
07. Everything We Know
08. Words As Weapons
09. Manipulated And Doomed
10. Severe Suffering
11. Isolate