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MYRATH – ‚Heroes‘ Videosingle kündigt neues Album „Karma“ an

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Das neue Album der tunesischen Metaller MYRATH trägt den Titel „Karma“ und wird am 02 Februar auf den Markt kommen. Das verkünden die Proger mit orientalischen Einflüssen in Verbindung mit der Veröffentlichung der ersten Auskopplung `Heroes´ samt Lyricclip.



I cannot endorse
Things are getting worse
I will show the way
I’ll protect and strike with force

Those who need a hand
Ripped off their land
We have to amend
We all have to make a stand

Can’t you feel the pain
Mysery and hate
Irony of fate
trust me we are not too late

Sickness has a cure
Deep inside your soul
You’ll hear a voice

A muse that calls you
Oh it recalls you
To reach for those who need
to plant a seed Of love

We don’t need heroes
We are the heroes
ignite a spark
Within your heart
enlight the dark

How long
Shall you
Play the blind again
Witness crime and turn your back

Chase them
you can try to hide
Every crime will have price