You are currently viewing MUSHROOMHEAD – Horrostreifen für ‘A Requiem For Tomorrow’

MUSHROOMHEAD – Horrostreifen für ‘A Requiem For Tomorrow’

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Die maskierten maskierte Horror Metaller Act MUSHROOMHEAD kennen bei ihren an Kinofilme erinnernde Videos nur Adjektive wie “bildgewaltig“ und Ähnliches. Bei ‘A Requiem For Tomorrow’, vom „A Wonderful Life“Album  kommt noch so etwas wie ”gespenstisch“ dazu.

MUSHROOMHEAD-Kopf Skinny erklärt zum Video:
“Dr. F (Ryan Farrell) and the Cleveland Chamber Choir did such an amazing job that I felt compelled to bring it to life a little further.
Some of the elements and characters in the video are roughly based on a short story that I’ve been working on for SK1INDUSTRIES.
Working under Covid conditions and restrictions certainly has put limitations on things, so I would personally like to thank the band, all of the crew and extras that believed and busted their asses to help me make this happen. Music and art is a privilege after all, and I don’t take any of this for granted…”