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MOTORJESUS – Neuer Rock ‘N Roll im ‘Car Wars‘ Clip

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Heavy Rock ’n Roll ist und bleibt das Metier von MOTORJESUS, daran wird bestimmt auch das neue Album “Hellbreaker“ nichts ändern, wenn es am 9. April erscheint.  Zum typischen upspeed gute Laune Song ‘Car Wars‘ könnt ihr ab heute das erste Lyricvideo sehen.

“This is not only for motorheads and real hard rockers – straight and groovy pushing forward beats and heavy-handed guitars, only topped by a talented raspy singer abounding with energy. Everyone should enjoy some heavy rock from time to time to free your mind…“




Time to spill a little bit of gasoline

Heading for damnation

In the world between

Try to live in peace

But the world is now on fire


Living for the war

For the battle be born

Get yourself together

Gotta be the one

Try to move ahead

Cause you live beneath the wire


On the frontline

Set the world ablaze

Get what you deserve

Better you erase

You’ll gonna be the renegade of

death and fire


Ready for new ways unknown

Saints and sinners now have shown

All is ruined and left undone

Come repent for your sins and

you’ll be forgiven now


When the war has come

When it’s hit and run

No salvation this is still the way we are

Run it down and return

Now it’s gonna crash and burn

This will be the final wreckage of it all

You gotta start the car wars


Aiming for the target

In the blood red sky

Strike and turn to dust

When the bullets fly

Man behind the wheel

It’s a new defined religion


Come along and raise a little hell for me

Crashing your opponents

Now that you can see

You can pay the price

The final goal is what you need


It’s a brand new dawn you feel

Now you go burn down the wheel

All for one, you feel the steel

The demolition is real

And you’ll be the sinner now


When the war has come…


Run down and running out

Your engine’s screaming loud

When all the sinners come around

The final conflict now

And try to break’em down

That’s what this life is all about

And go to hell!


When the war has come…