You are currently viewing MOTÖRHEAD – Unveröffentlichter Song: `Greedy Bastards` im animierten Video

MOTÖRHEAD – Unveröffentlichter Song: `Greedy Bastards` im animierten Video

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Mit dem Tode Lemmys  2015, war eigentlich das Ende von MOTÖRHEAD  besiegelt. Dennoch wird am 24. Februar 2023 ein neuer Longplayer unter dem Namen “Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic“  erscheinen, Darauf befinden sichbdann auch zwei bisher unveröffentlichte Tracks: `Bullet in Your Brain`, das Ende November als Video vorgestellt wurde und das balladeske `Greedy Bastards`einen Livemitschnitt vom 2015er „Fuji Festival“ in Japan . Daneben findet ihr auf der Scheibe noch “War, Love, Death and Injustice”, ein Audiointerview mit Lemmy himself.





Don’t ask me how I feel today

I only want to get away

I don’t understand the words

You want to hear me say


I don’t believe there’s anyone

On earth to stop us going wrong

Don’t ask why I like silence

I shake you to the bone

Shake you to the bone


The way we treat the world we have

Is criminal and cruel

They steal the air we breathe and that ain’t cool

You really want to see our kids choking in the air

Greedy bastards you don’t even care


You better look around you

Somethin’s in the wind

It’s not quite Armageddon

But it’s the next best thing


Do you think it’s paranoia?

Maybe you should call your lawyer

Don’t think you’re gonna be safe here

When the world breaks in

When the world breaks in


Same people every time around

Will send you to your death

They only want to keep you in their debt

Do you want your children wearing gas masks in their schools?

Greedy bastards make ‘em break the rules

Break the rules aye


In the seats of power

The old men sit and talk

Vote against them then you get to walk

The secrets within secrets

Are be’in hid away

Greed bastards like to make them pay