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MORK –  Neue Auskopplung `Tilbake Til Opprinnelsen’ im Clip

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Die schwarze Brut von MORK veröffentlicht die zweite Auskopplung `Tilbake Til Opprinnelsen’ („Zurück zu den Wurzeln“) von ihrem anstehenden Longplayer “Dypet“, der am 24. März herauskommen soll. Mit der Auskopplung gibt es auch ein Lyricvideo, naturgemäß auf norwegisch. Hilfreich ist da schon die beigefügte Übersetzung ins Englische.

Eriksen erklärt zum Track:

“ ‘Tilbake Til Opprinnelsen’ is an epic track about the world as a whole regretting everything it has made and become, resulting in it erasing everything on its own to then rebuild it all from scratch. The breakdown represents the shift. where the world starts to retract everything and everyone. The high point is when the vocal choir sets in. That is when the oceans are filled, rivers are made, mountains are raised, and the moon is hung upon the night sky yet again. A fitting epic to finish off the album.”



Lyrics (translation)



What has become

Here where ugliness crawls

Amongst hurting souls

With their dirty long fingers

A mist is building

out of an energy of hate

The ground shakes

from a rumbling far away

The quake is trembling every stub and tree

The great mountains cracks

The colossus has wakened

From the deep sleep


In this moment everything is silenced

The ages is about to change course

The heavens and the stars

Back to a clean palette


It is a call

Back to the origins

To when all things were born

When the stars was lit


He will hang the moon onto the nightsky

Raise the mountains up from the soil

He will pull the rivers into the countryside

From the ocean that’s filled by his tears


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