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MØL – ‘Vestige’ Live aus dem Studio Video

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Die vielgepriesenen und so ganz und gar untypisch aussehenden dänischen Black Metaller MØL haben soeben den zweiten Longplayer “Diorama“ herausgebracht und gleichzeitig auch ein Live aus dem Studio Mitschnitt zum Track ‘Vestige’hochgeladen, den ihr hier sehen könnt.

Die Band kommentiert ihr neues Album:

“We are relieved to finally send our second album out into the aether for each and everyone to experience, feel and hopefully make their own.

We are thankful for the collaboration with Tue Madsen who really helped bring out the essential MØL-sound out into the production. A huge appreciation to our excellent vocal features by our manager Mirza Radonjica (SIAMESE) on ‚Photophobic‘, and Katherine Shepard (Sylvaine) on the concluding title track ‚Diorama‘. And also thanks to our friend and visual wizard Jon Gotlev / for once again accompanying our sound with a strong visual identity. All your contributions have helped us to fully realize this work as it was intended. MØL are what we are today, because of the sum of our parts.

We hope you allow music to take up a bit of time and space, reserved for itself in your lives. It might just end up bringing you a healthy form of emotional escapism, introspection and reflection during a time of great change. Hope to see you live and alive somewhere very soon.“