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Modern Metaller EXSOM – ‘Sailing Into Black’ Video

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Von ihrem neuen Album „Red Carpet To Paradise“ streamen die Schweizer Modern Metal-Vertreter, EXSOM ihre Videosingle ‘Sailing Into Black’, die mit einem mit Elektro-Einschlag daherlommt. Für Leute, die mal über den Tellerrand hinausschauen definitiv geeignet.

Die Band erklärt zum Video mit Modell Sabrina Macabre:

“The chess game is inspired by the lyrics of the song, reflecting on time. Never as in this last year have we had the confirmation of how time is ‘liquid’, in the absence of references that allow us to free ourselves from it. ‘As a floating boat sailing into black’ means just that. As the song expresses the common desire to have control over time, the video’s protagonist – Sabrina – represents time as an evil goddess, challenged in a chess game by the frontman Stefano. Will he succeed or fail? Find out for yourself!”