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MOB RULES – präsentieren `Sacred Heart´ – A tribute to DIO

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Die deutschen Power Metaller MOB RULES wollen zu Ronnie James Dio´s zwölftem Todestag am 16. Mai die Erinnerung an den Ausnahmesänger wieder aufleben lassen und widmen ihm daher die Coverversion des Songs ‚Sacred Heart‘, Titelsong des gleichnamigen, dritten DIO-Studioalbums (1985), und kommentieren wie folgt:

„Ronnie James Dio was a role model for many people and thus also had a lasting influence on MOB RULES. On the twelfth anniversary of his death on May 16 2022, the memory of this impressive man shall be revived. His legacy and the memory of him, have lost nothing of their power and importance to this day and will remain a significant part of the rock world in the future.“