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MISFIRE – Thrash-Trio mit ‚Fractured‘ vom Debüt im Video

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Aus der Windy City Chigaco kommt das junge Trio MISFIRE mit seinem Old-School Thrash-Sound. Gitarrist und Sänger Jay Johnson, Drummer James Nicademus und Bassist/Sängrer Sean Coogan veröffentlichen ihr Studiodebüt „Sympathy For The Ignorant“ am 01. April. Aber erst einmal hauen die Drei die erste Single ‚Fractured‘ raus.

Nicademus über den Track:

“Featured as the first song of the album, ‘Fractured’ unearths the feelings of uncertainty and dread we were faced with in 2020. Inspired by the current state of the world, it delves into the madness that is the pandemic. The song poses the question, ‘What’s left of who we are?,’ as we are left with humanity divided and fractured. The album has a common theme revolving around situations that many people have gone through or will go through. We’re all going through this shit right now so this is our take on it: ‘No matter what you believe, we are fractured, divided, diseased.’ We are looking forward to sharing it with the world!”