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MIDNIGHT – `F.O.A.L.` vom kommenden Album ist online

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`Fuck off and live` heißt der neue MIDNIGHT Song eigentlich, den Athenar plus X jetzt als `F.O.A.L.` online gestellt haben und zu dem es auch ein altersbeschränktes Video gibt.  Damit verbunden ist die Ankündigung des Albums „Hellish Expectations“, das am 08. März erscheint.

Die neuen Tracks könnt ihr euch dann im April auch Live bei der Europa Tour mit CYCLONE & HIGH COMMAND anhören.

Athenar erklärt:

It’s a knuckle dragger with a fat cutoff, pure testosterone meat. Probably the most concise and straight to the point MIDNIGHT album to date, and all written in a weekend. The album was written on pure reaction upon leaving the studio after listening to raw tracks from the previous album Let There Be Witchery. The final mix of that album was good, but at the time of laying it down in the studio, I didn’t like what I was hearing and demanded a new leviathan of an album to be written that weekend.“





Why would I want you to die?

So you could be free?

Don’t want to see you in hell

Not next to me


Leave you to revel in pain

No signs of remorse

The hammer of fate hits hard

With violent force


Fuck off and live!

Fuck off, fuck off and live!

Fuck off, fuck off and live!


Some may say it’s enough to FOAD

So reek rot decay gloriously, gloriously


Fuck off and live bastard!

Fuck off and live!

Fuck off, fuck off and live!

Fuck off, fuck off and live!


Don’t waste your time to pray

For terminal grief

Your fortune is fester

Your spirit never released


Crawl on your knees to the grave

And hope it’s the end

The reaper denies all pleas

For your soul to rest, no rest from the reaper


Fuck off and live!