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MIDNIGHT – `Expect Total Hell` zur Albumveröffentlichung

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Zur Veröffentlichung des neuen MIDNIGHT Longplayers „Hellish Expectations“ ist der wie immer räudige black thrashig, punkige Nummer `Expect Total Hell` von Mastermind  Athenar online gegangen, der sich praktisch für alle Belange von MIDNIGHT verantwortlich zeichnet.

Athenar erklärt zur Auskopplung

„It’s a song about hitting the restart button, flushing the old world down the toilet and giving the new world a chance. It’s actually a song of peace.“

und ergänzt über den neuen Longplayer:

“It’s a knuckle dragger with a fat cutoff. Pure testosterone meat. Probably the most concise and straight to the point MIDNIGHT album to date, and all written in a weekend. The album was written on pure reaction upon leaving the studio after listening to raw tracks from the previous album Let There Be Witchery. The final mix of that album was good, but at the time of laying it down in the studio, I didn’t like what I was hearing and demanded a new leviathan of an album to be written that weekend.“