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MESHUGGAH – `I Am That Thirst` Video veröffentlicht

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MESHUGGAH zeigen in ihrem neuen Video zu `I Am That Thirst`  mal wieder wie durchbreakter und harter Thrash-Death Metal klingen kann. Zum Track, vom aktuellen Longplayer, gibt es jetzt es ein außergewöhnliches , kurzfilmartiges Video  zu sehen. Anlass für die Veröffentlichung dürfte der Beginn der US Tour sein.




Look at him yearning


His craving, his hunger

Constant needs, constant wants

Nothing will quell

Nothing will slake

Insatiable vacuous man


Hollow and see-through

His emptiness has made him frail

That dying thing still believes

Others drive the nails

Incendiary god complex

Such gift to flammable man

This is what it made of him

This is what remains

Behold, how he devours

Unappeasable and cursed

That arid soul, famished and desiccated

I am that thirst


His gluttony can not be stilled

This state can never be reversed

Hollow and empty