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MERCENARY feat. Matt Heafy – `Heart of the Numb` Single ist online

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Die dänischen Melodic Death Veteranen MERCENARY veröffentlichen ihre neue, recht modern klingende Single `Heart of the Numb`, bei der Trivium Kopf Matt Heafy einen Teil der Vocals übernimmt. Das dazugehörige Album „Soundtrack For The End Times“ erscheint am 22. September

Jakob Mølbjerg zeigt sich begeistert:

“This monster of an album is our darkest and heaviest effort yet. It brings a fresh take on all the trademark elements of Mercenary’s sound: huge, soaring choruses, bone-crushing riffs, punishing drums, and stellar leads, all wrapped in a powerful production from our very own Master-of-all-trades, Mr. Martin Buus, and a crushing world-class mix from Jacob Hansen.”

Matt Heafy erzählt:

“The world has always been familiar with the sounds and styles of metal from Sweden, from Norway, from Finland; but one country who has just as important – but unique – of a style is Denmark. Denmark has had countless amazing bands come forth in the last few years, but one of the most iconic Danish metal bands who sounds quintessentially Danish-Metal is Mercenary. Mercenary for years has been ahead of the game crafting its own special blend of metal. When I hear Mercenary – I hear Denmark. I hear metal.

The way Mercenary has and does present its own special breed of music is exceptional. You all must listen to this band.”