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MEMORIAM – `Rise To Power´ Titelsong zum Albumrelease

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Heute veröffentlicht die UK Death Metal Crew MEMORIAM um Frontmann Karl Willets ihre neue Studioscheibe „Rise To Power“ und den Titeltrack dazu im Lyricclip für Euch.

Die Band kommentiert:

„So here we are with our fifth album release “Rise To Power”. For us it is a new level on our style and approach to the music and lyrics contained within it. New styles and moods weave in and out of each track and we have a great feeling of accomplishment on this release. As with all our previous album releases the messages contained lyrically are full of hope but also warnings. We do not preach but just hope that the listener can take something from the words and maybe think about the messages contained.As a famous quote says , “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it”.“