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Melodic Rocker CREYE – ‘Broken Highway‘ Video

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Die Schwedischen Melodic Rocker CREYE haben grad ihr neues Album „II“ rausgebracht und packen ihr Video, zum schwer von den 80ern beeinflussten, Song ‘Broken Highway‘ aus.

Die Band zur Scheibe:

”This album truly is a milestone for us and takes Creye into a brand new chapter of our career. In 2018, we were still finding ourselves as a band and I really think that the year on the road was what needed to happen to bring us together as a group. Creye has always had roots in Rock, Pop, and 80’s music and that’s no different on this album, but we really needed to make Creye more than a nostalgia trip 30 years back in time. Together, we decided very early in the process that every creative decision we make during the writing of the next album needs to be towards making Creye stand out and be relevant in the present decade. Creye „ll“ really is a team effort and I think that the songs reflect a band where everybody is working towards that common goal, bringing their own musical personalities, influences, and preferences based on that goal to make something unique. To me Creye has never sounded better than this and I’ve never been more confident in what we’re doing than right now,”