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MEDEVIL – Prog Thrasher stellen `Pray For Me´ Single vor

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Die kanadischen Metaller MEDEVIL vermengen in ihrem speziellen Sound Speed, Thrash und Progressive Metal zu einer aggressiven, interessanten Mischung. Auch der neuen Single `Pray For Me´ kann man das anhören, wenn hier auch der Fokus eher auf Atmosphäre und weniger Geschwindigkeit liegt. Das neue, zweite Studioalbum „Mirror In The Darkness“ erscheint am 07. April.

“It’s a slower-paced, moodier song with a dense atmosphere and spacious chord progressions that give Liam room to shine on the vocals. The lyrics portray a person who is building walls around them, keeping others out, and not wanting to deal with the world. “Pray for Me” is one of the more accessible tracks on the album, with a driving groove and lush production. Featuring dual guitar solos and biting vocal harmonies over a soaring chorus section that will definitely get stuck in your head.”