You are currently viewing MAYHEM – Präsentieren `Chainsaw Gutsfvck´ Liveclip

MAYHEM – Präsentieren `Chainsaw Gutsfvck´ Liveclip

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Das neue MAYHEM Album „Daemonic Rites (Live)“ erscheint am 15. September. Heute gibt es einen weiteren Vorgeschmack in Form des Songs `Chainsaw Gutsfvck´ als alterbeschränktes Video oder nur die Musik, die barrierefrei für alle über diesen Link zugänglich ist:


Necrobutcher erklärt:
“We wanted to document how great the band and set sounds like after almost 40 years of playing live. As a treat to our fans, we decided to release this live recording.
“I knew from day one back in 1984 that this band was going to be outstanding—one of the best bands ever! I guess that’s a big reason why we still are here after 39 years—and counting.”




01 Intro
02 Falsified and Hated
03 To Daimonion
04 Malum
05 Bad Blood
06 My Death
07 Symbols of Bloodswords
08 Voces Ab Alta
09 Freezing Moon
10 Pagan Fears
11 Life Eternal
12 Buried by Time and Dust
13 Silvester Anfang
14 Deathcrush
15 Chainsaw Gutsfuck
16 Carnage
17 Pure Fucking Armageddon