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MASSACRE – Streamen ihre ‘Evil Dead‘ Version (Mantas/Death)

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MASSACRE streamen ab heute ihre Version des Death Metal Klassiker ‘Evil Dead‘ von Mantas, die später zu Death und eben MASSACRE wurden. Veröffentlicht wird diese Version bis zum 05. Dezember nur auf Bandcamp, zusammen mit Repulsion Song ‘Helga (Lost Her Head)‘ und dem Necrophagia Cover ‘Ancient Evil‘, das Namensgeber für die drei-Track EP ist. Shouter Kam Lee beschreibt den Output als Tribut einen der Death Metal Pioniere Necrophagia und an die “Evil Dead“ Filmreihe (auf deutsch “Tanz Der Teufel“).

Hier seine Message:

“MASSACRE’s TRIBUTE to the EVIL DEAD films and a tribute to NECROPHAGIA!

 Killjoy LIVES! Long live Killjoy!

 We in MASSACRE have always considered NECROPHAGIA one of the founding fathers of the death metal genre, and one of the first metal bands to actually directly base lyrics off classic 80’s horror films. Killjoy himself being a pioneering death metal/black metal vocalist with some of the sickest screams to pierce the ears of any listener.

 Lyrics to this song „ANCIENT SLUMBER“ are directly inspired by the film EVIL DEAD and we thought it only fitting that we cover this classic track that originally appeared on the 1987 debut release SEASON OF THE DEAD.

We honor the origins of O.S.D.M. by doing our MASSACRE-rized version of this track as well as honor the memory of our friend Killjoy and the cult band NECROPHAGIA.

 With a special appearance on lead guitar by non-other than guitarist -Undead Torment (formerly of NECROPHAGIA and DIABLOS fame)

 So come now and „JOIN US“ in honoring our fallen brother, gone now from this mortal coil but never forgotten, passed into oblivion forever to rest in ancient slumber.



And speaking of both EVIL DEAD and old-school death metal, this tribute also includes a SPECIAL bonus track. Massacre’s mangled version of the classic track „EVIL DEAD“. A track original written and created in 1984 when Kam was in fact a part of the groundbreaking pioneering death metal band MANTAS.

Our way to both honor and respect the original MANTAS version of the track and to honor the memory of „EVIL Chuck“ and DEATH, but yet still preserve the original version of the track with integrity.

Kam’s intended original version of this songs lyrics are based on the movie EVIL DEAD itself, and now for the first time since those original demo recordings this track is presented with those original lyrics sung by Kam, along with special guest vocals by – Matt Harvey of EXHUMED/GRUESOME and Rogga Johansson of PAGANIZER/MASSACRE – and a special guitar solo by – Shoi Shen of the band De PROFUNDIS.

*BONUS TRACK* (Only appears on the CD release and on the digital download version)

Our special bonus track „HELGA (LOST HER HEAD)“ is a MASSACRE-rized version of this cult classic grind-core masterpiece by the God-fathers of Horror-Grind REPULSION.

Sure it’s not an EVIL DEAD-based lyrics song, but it’s still a killer track and cult clas-SICK that we wanted to honor by doing our version of it.

A shout out to Scott Carlson and Matt Olivo for being pioneers in their own right. We hope to honor and show respect by doing this special cover.

With a BLAZING guest guitar solo by – Chris Wicklein of the bands KILLING ADDICTION & DRUID LORD.

This single is a true ultra-retrospective look at the founding father bands of the Death-Metal/Horror-Grind and Horror Metal genre, and we represent them here on this one release.

Note: none of our ‚cover versions‘ are ever meant to replace or attempt to do a „better version“ of the originals. Instead, we only wish to HONOR and show the utmost RESPECT for the original versions and original bands by representing our MASSACRE-rized versions of the songs.

– KAM LEE –“


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