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MASSACRE – Schenken euch `Provoked Accurser` Live

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Die Death Metal Ikonen MASSACRE verschenken über ihre Bandcampseite einen Livemittschnitt ihres Klassiker Songs `Provoked Accurser`, der 1992 auf der “Inhuman Condition“ erschienen. Im Rahmen ihrer “Fan appreciation“ Serie könnt ihr euch den Song jetzt kostenfrei in einer 2007 performten Version herunterladen.

Kam Lee und Michael Borders schreiben dazu:

“This is a FREE (Digital ONLY) download – it’s a rare never-before-released live recording of the track PROVOKED ACCURSER which was recorded when the band toured in Europe back in 2007. (*This track will be available for a limited time)

It was very rare that this track was ever performed „Live“ and this just so happened to be one of those rare occasions when the track was performed and recorded.

In the true UNDERGROUND form – this track is now being finally released to all our fans worldwide for the first time ever for zero cost.

MASSACRE is offering the track for FREE – so it’s not a requirement to pay anything to get the track. However, if you feel any appreciation – please feel free to show gratuity by placing a donation of your choosing in the „name your price“ block if so happen to choose to grab it.

Thanks to all our loyal fans that have remained true to the band throughout the years.”