You are currently viewing MASSACRE – Neuer Track von neuer EP: `Begotten Anti-God (Prince of Darkness)` online

MASSACRE – Neuer Track von neuer EP: `Begotten Anti-God (Prince of Darkness)` online

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Die Death Metal Urväter MASSACRE teilen auf ihrem Bandcampkanal einen neuen Song namens `Begotten Anti-God (Prince of Darkness)`, der zur geplanten “Tri-Procalypse“ EP gehört. Ab dem 01. Februar können sich Old School Fans die EP ausschließlich dort herunterladen.


Die Band schreibt:

“This EP is directly influenced by and based upon the three apocalypse films by horror director John Carpenter. „The Thing“, „Prince of Darkness“, & „In the Mouth of Madness“ (a.k.a. the Apocalypse Trilogy) are three films that resonate with a very deep existential horror theme and dares question what is it to be human in a mad universe.

Musically we attempt to capture the essence of these films‘ underlying themes. For example: one’s fears and violent paranoia from isolation and mistrust in other humans, with the overall feeling of dread and an unearthly presence looming.

The short and chaotic but direct affirmation of one’s place in the universe when questioning the existence of an anti-god in the realm of anti-matter by use of scientific theory weighing upon religious dogma.

Even in the slow turbulent downfall into insanity. Interpreting one’s grasp upon reality when that reality is in itself is questionable, and the overwhelming feeling of being consumed by it begs the question of what is real.”   

Hören könnt ihr den Song hier:

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