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MARTY FRIEDMAN – Neues `Shukumei‘ Video ist online

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Der Sechssaiter-Virtuose und ehemalige Megadeth Gitarrist MARTY FRIEDMAN hat ein neues Musikvideo zum Song  `Shukumei‘ veröffentlicht, der vom “Tokyo Jukebox 3“  Longplayer stammt. Dazu schreibt er auf den Social Media:

“When I saw the girl group Perfume dancing to the ultra-progressive odd time signatures in their song „Polyrhythm“ live at the Budokan, it was one of the weirdest and most exciting combinations I had even seen,.

With that feeling in mind, I decided to combine girls dancing to „Shukumei“, a song with some of the mast bizarre and progressive guitar work on Tokyo Jukebox 3. It`s definitely in my personality to take the risk of confusing fans of guitar and fans of dance music, to try to bring some fun and life into what otherwise might be portrayed as a guitar showcase.“