You are currently viewing MARILLION – ‚Be Hard On Yourself‘ vom neuen Album „An Hour Before It’s Dark“

MARILLION – ‚Be Hard On Yourself‘ vom neuen Album „An Hour Before It’s Dark“

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Das britische Prog-Schwergewicht Marillion, das sich gerade auf großer UK-Tour befindet, präsentiert in Form des Tracks ‚Be Hard On Yourself‘ endlich das erste musikalische Lebenszeichen vom für Anfang 2022 angekündigten neuen Studiooutput „An Hour Before It’s Dark“.

Die Band kommentiert Song und Album:

„“An Hour Before It’s Dark“ – Whether it’s the last hour you were allowed to play outside as a child before you had to go home, a reference to the fight against time in relation to the climate crisis or the last minutes in a person’s life, Marillion once again put their finger on the pulse of time. Be it social, political, or personal issues, Marillion have never minced words and have always found a way to combine them with their own unique sound.“
„And Marillion already deliver the perfect example today by releasing “Be Hard On Yourself”, the very first single from their eagerly awaited new album.“
“Despite the seemingly bleak contemplations across this album – the virus, our mortality, medical science, care, AND Leonard Cohen (ha ha) – the overall feeling of the music is surprisingly upbeat. I think the band are as on form as they ever were really, and the addition of Choir Noir has added another new soul and colour to things”