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MANTICORA – `Día De Los Muertos´ Videopremiere der Power Progger

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Thrash, Prog, Power, Black, Death und Heavy Metal vermengen MANTICORA aus Dänemark zu ihrer ganz eigenen düsteren, packenden Mixtur. Heute wurde ein brandneues Video zum Track `Dia De Los Muertos´ vom aktuellen Langeisen „Mycelium“ veröffentlicht.

Sänger Lars F. Larsen rekapituliert wie folgt:

„Upon driving in the mountains of Italy, I had a deep pondering on the vastness of the mountains and about all the souls that had been born, had lived and died while those mountains just stood there. It made me want to write lyrics in Latin about remembering the dead. Turned out to be the Spanish title for „Day Of the Dead“ and it fit the concept on the new album Mycelium album perfectly – we thereby pay tribute to the beautiful traditions from all over the world, where people celebrate life, through celebrating death.“

„The song is about the urgent need for us to remember our dead ancestors, in order to stop a demon invasion from beyond our own realm and the music is really the most trademark Manticora song on the whole album.“