You are currently viewing MANTIC RITUAL – Thrasher mit `Life As Usual´ Single und Clip

MANTIC RITUAL – Thrasher mit `Life As Usual´ Single und Clip

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`Life As Usual´ ist der Openingtrack der neuen 6-Song EP „Heart Set Stone“ aus dem Hause der US-Thrasher MANTIC RITUAL, welche jeweils drei Eigenkompositionen und drei Coverversionen enthalten wird.

Die Band offenbart interessante Details zum Videodreh:

„The ‚Life As Usual‘ video was shot entirely on 16mm using a non-sync Bolex. For film fans, yes, this means all footage is entirely analogue for this video. Editing was very tedious because there is no audio playback reference, and even more difficult, older 16mm cameras do not shoot in time (and we did not have access to a crystal sync Bolex). The original raw footage constantly swayed between slight fast and slow motion with no predictable regularity. Being off even one frame makes a big difference, so strategic cuts and frame dropping got us as close as possible. Still, it’s not perfectly in sync like most videos today, but we hope you’ll dig it nonetheless.“



Life As Usual


Heart Set Stone

Race Against Time (GBH)

Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate)

Cross Me Fool (Razor)