You are currently viewing MANTIC RITUAL – mit ‚Black Funeral‘ (Mercyful Fate Cover)

MANTIC RITUAL – mit ‚Black Funeral‘ (Mercyful Fate Cover)

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Die wiedervereinten US-Thrasher MANTIC RITUAL aus Pittsburgh veröffentlichen ein Visualizervideo zu ihrer Coverversion des Mercyful Fate Klassikers ‚Black Funeral‘, welcher die B-Seite ihrer aktuellen Single ‚Crusader‘ ist.  Diese ist das erste musikalische Lebenszeichen seit zwölf Jahren der Band, zu der die Originalmitglieder Dan Wetmore (Vocals/Gitarre), Jeff Potts (Gitarre) und Ben Mottsman (Bass) sowie der neue Drummer Carlos Cruz (Warbringer, Machine Head, Power Trip) gehören.

Sänger/Gitarrist Dan Wetmore erklärt:

„I can’t think of a metal band I like more than Mercyful Fate; melodic, dark, and shockingly heavy at times. We’ve covered ‘Doomed By The Living Dead’ and ‘Gypsy’ in the past, but I wanted something direct and short. ‘Black Funeral’ really delivers. Heavy as hell, straight to the punch and then it ends with two beautiful leads. Perfect. We wanted to do this largely note for note, true to the original, just a bit faster. My vocal style has changed a bit. I scream less, and I sing more. And my range is much bigger. This seemed a challenge, but it came out in just a few takes. All hail Satan!!”