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MANTAR – `Odysseus` Videorelease

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Das deutsche Extreme Duo MANTAR hat einen neue dunkle und atmosphärischen Track veröffentlicht, Zz finden ist das vergleichsweise melodisch Stück auf der anstehenden Scheibe “Pain Is Forever And This Is The End“.

Hanno erklärt zum Song:
„People desperately cling to anything that promises you or at least makes you believe that you ‚matter‘ in some way, that you are the master of the situation and that everything behaves as your own logic allows. We live in an interesting time where people have an unspeakable longing to find easy explanations to complex questions. Odysseus‘ is about letting go, about a never-ending journey, about the feeling of never arriving, of being lost and doomed to live life in circles, and about the precious value of sleep.“


Titelfoto: Matthis Van Der Meulen