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MANNTRA – ‘Heathens‘ Video verkürzt die Wartezeit

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Die kroatischen Gother veröffentlichen das dritte „richtige“ Video zum zweiten Englischsprachigen Longplayer: “Monster Mind Consuming“, der am 26. März der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt wird. Bei der ‘Heathens‘ Single ist nicht mehr viel von „Folk“ zu spüren, umso mehr Härte. Der Fünferpack erklärt zum Album:

“It’s a war album. A battle cry for life. It covers topics like fear, war, being strong and going through a difficult time or heartbreak, being a slave to your fears and being set free in the end. It’s a war against your own insecurities; a war against yourself – and we want you to win this fight! It’s about every single fan and listener of the album. It’s an album by people for people.  We gave everything on the album. We created different songs, tried things in production and wrote the most intense and darkest songs ever. For me, this is the real face of Manntra. A dark journey through folk, industrial and gothic.“





All seeing eye goes down

Into the night

Hold your own

Until the first light.


We’re left behind in this battlefield

Stench of fear piercing through my shield

In front of you I will never kneel

Defying fate, it’s a wicked deal.


No fear

Strike through the heart

No fear

Tear the flesh apart

No fear

Let the heathens be departed

War is a sacred art


Silence in the air

Hellbound on despair

Hold your own

Ascend to the throne.



Titelfoto: Franz Schepers