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MALACODA – ‘The Harsh Law‘ Clip

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Das kanadische Metal-Goth Outfit MALACODA hat Anfang April die vielbeachtete  EP „Crawling Chaos rausgebracht. Jetzt zeigen sie ihre härtere Seite mit dem Lyricvideo  zum rauen Song ‘The Harsh Law‘.

Die Band erklärt zu ihrem Song:

”The Harsh Law is the last track off of Crawling Chaos. It’s got a lot of groove to it and while it doesn’t have any solos I still think it’s one of the cooler guitar based songs because of the riffs! Drums were played by Elie Bertrand who was a real pleasure to work with. I think we had found footage of her playing a Pantera cover online somewhere and were sold on trying to get her to collaborate with us.“