You are currently viewing MAJESTY – zweite Single vom kommenden Album: `Freedom Child´

MAJESTY – zweite Single vom kommenden Album: `Freedom Child´

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„Back to Attack“ ist sowohl erste Single und gleichzeitiger Titelsong des neuen MAJESTY Silberlings, der am 28. April erscheinen wird. Heute veröffentlichen die Heavy Metaller die zweite Auskopplung samt Video. Die Clippremiere startet um 19:00 Uhr CET.

Zum neuen Track gibt die Band an:

„With „Freedom Child“ we present you the second song of our forthcoming new album “Back To Attack”. The song is a little different than the other tracks on the album with a very catchy and positive chorus which states that you should always believe in your dreams and visions. Let no one in the world tell you that you can´t reach the sky. If someone says that you can´t do something you want to do, show them the finger and shout out loud: “I´m a freedom child!”“