You are currently viewing MAGNUS ROSÉN BAND – Ex-Hammerfall Basser teilt `Glitter And Blood´ Single

MAGNUS ROSÉN BAND – Ex-Hammerfall Basser teilt `Glitter And Blood´ Single

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`Glitter And Blood´, die erste Auskopplung des kommenden Albums der MAGNUS ROSÈN BAND, bietet klassischen, melodischen, eingängigen Heavy Metal. Die neue Scheibe „It’s Time To Rock The World Again“ soll am 21. April erscheinen und neben neuen Tracks auch einige Coverversionen enthalten. Der Schwede war zehn Jahre als Bassist der Power Metaller HAMMEFALL unterwegs und äußert dazu:

„I will thank HammerFall and all the fans for my 10 years with the band – 1997-2007. I take my hat off for this time. So how can we celebrate this moment better than with a HammerFall song on this album.“ 

Und weiter:

„Everything is marked in the perspective of hard rock and these wonderful rock titles that gild this musical style. There are many tones that are hidden in the structures of the songs that can be recognized more or less from the history of rock. We are also celebrating bands and artists for the great inspiration thought the music life with some riff, tones, feelings, songs or solos in new written material and also few old songs – Gary Moore, Scorpions, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Metallica, AC/DC, ABBA, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix – plus much more. New written songs and fresh interpretations of few old rock songs.”

“The music picks up where the words end and here begins the rock that has influenced me throughout my musical life with recognition factors from musicians and bands I admired during my musical journey that have been inserted a little here and there in the newly written songs. There are also some nice interpretations of songs that mean a lot to us in the band. You could call the albums time machines!”



The World And Times
Glitter And Blood
Heart On Fire
Street Fighting Man
Sign Of The Time
The Winner Takes It All
Dressed To Kill
Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone