You are currently viewing MACHINE HEAD – “Burn My Eyes” Anniversary Play-Thru Video im Stream

MACHINE HEAD – “Burn My Eyes” Anniversary Play-Thru Video im Stream

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Robb Flynns “Electric Happy Hour“ bringt manchmal Seltsames zu Tage, Nicht so sehr bei der Ausgabe vom 06, August. Da spielt die Band um den verlieben Robb, zum 27. Geburtstag der “Burn My Eyes” Scheibe genau diese, plus eine Reihe an Coverversionen.

Die Band schrieb dazu im Vorfeld:

“We’re stoked to announce that we’re getting the boyz back together one more time for a Burn My Eyes bonanza on this Friday’s Electric Happy Hour, where Robb and Jared will be joined by Chris and Logan for a full album play-thru! As it’s such a monumental occasion, we’ve cranked the production up to the next level. The stream will be a multi-camera affair, so as well as the usual crushing audio, you’ll be able to view the band in action from all angles.”



0:00:00 Welcome and Beers Up!

0:04:22 Davidian

0:10:15 Old

0:15:22 Alan’s on Fire (Poison Idea cover)

0:22:09 A Thousand Lies

0:30:55 None But My Own

0:38:20 Rage to Overcome (w/“Wrong“ Sawyer intro)

0:44:16 My Misery

0:54:39 Death Church

1:00:57 The Frontlines

1:11:17 A Nation On Fire

1:17:53 Blood for Blood

1:26:55 Hard Times (Cro-Mags cover)

1:29:42 I’m Your God Now

1:36:19 Thunderkiss ’65 (White Zombie cover)

1:38:37 A Lesson in Violence (Exodus cover)

1:41:24 Creeping Death (Metallica cover)

1:45:10 Burn My Eyes Certified Gold in the UK! Gold disc presentation

1:49:16 Fuck It All