You are currently viewing LUCIFER – Neue Single & Video  ’Crucifix (I Burn For You)’

LUCIFER – Neue Single & Video ’Crucifix (I Burn For You)’

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Im Vorfeld der Veröffentlichung des Albums “LUCIFER IV“ am 29.Oktober, bringen die 70er Doomer heute die nächste Single als Videoclip raus.

Sängerin Johanna Platow Andersson erzählt:
“The sequel to our last video ‚Bring Me His Head‘ was shot in one take with a vintage 70s tube camera just like its predecessor by photographer Crille Forsberg and directed by Amir Chamdin. It has been a true honor to work with them, especially considering the astonishing portfolios they have under their belt. They’ve literally worked with anyone from The Hellacopters to Adele, from Ghost to Pharrell Williams. Very notable for me personally was Crille shooting David Bowie’s very last video ‚Lazarus‘, that shook me to the bone. Well, and now they’ve worked with Lucifer. And what a bloody workday it was!“



01. Archangel Of Death (03:35)

02. Wild Hearses (04:56)

03. Crucifix (I Burn For You) (03:51)

04. Bring Me His Head (04:25)

05. Mausoleum (04:51)

06. The Funeral Pyre (01:44)

07. Cold As A Tombstone (04:16)

08. Louise (03:56)

09. Nightmare (05:07)

10. Orion (04:47)

11. Phobos (04:20)