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LUCIFER – Heavy Rocker streamen `Orion`

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„Heavy Magic Doom Rock“ oder ähnliche Label werden der multinationalen Band LUCIFER um Sängerin Johanna angeheftet, um ihre Musik zu beschreiben. Am besten hört man sie selbst, wie jetzt zum Beispiel `Orion`, die neue Auskopplung vom aktuellen “Lucifer IV” Longplayer.

Johanna erzählt:

„We’ve been meaning to pick Orion as a single all along for it’s emotional impact but opted for the harder rockers first. This heavy heartbreaker rocks no less but is a lot more melancholic and wistful. It’s a song about two people colliding briefly, then drifting apart again and about the loneliness you sometimes feel within your existence. You’re born alone and you will pass on alone. In the end we are all just particles revolving around each other in the universe, each one of us a lonely star in the night sky. The idea came to me when I read in Marianne Faithfull’s autobiography about her relationship to Mick Jagger and the aftermath.“