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LORDS OF BLACK – ‘What’s Become Of Us‘ Videopremiere

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Die Albumankündigung zu “Alchemy Of Souls, Pt. 2“ verbinden LORDS OF BLACK mit der heutigen Videopremiere zum Song ‘What’s Become Of Us‘. Am 15 Oktober erscheint die Scheibe.

Gitarrist Tony Hernando zum Song:

„‚What’s Become Of Us‘ is as the title says, a question we should be asking about where we’re going and what has brought us here. There are those who invent myths and re-write history to justify going the wrong way, and those who try to fight for the right reasons and leave a legacy of justice“




I always wonder… why you feel so proud inside

When those were days of crime and wasted lives

And you keep comin’… try to justify the very wrong

that comes to tear you apart



Does anybody ever dream?

Does anybody ever win?

What’s become of us?


Does anybody still believe?

The only good that’s left of me

Shines in you


Whenever you claim you are the ruler of this land

You’re painting a lie that you call „destiny“

And now when you testify before your time is gone

I finally know where the sinners go