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LORDS OF BLACK – `I Want The Darkness To Stop´ kündigt neue Scheibe an

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Songwriter, Komponist und Gitarrist Tony Hernando und Frontmann Ronnie Romero (Sunstorm, Gotus, Ex-Rainbow, Ex-MSG) bilden das Rückgrat der LORDS OF BLACK, die ihren sechsten Silberling „Mechanics of Predacity“ für den 15. März angekündigt haben. Die neueste Auskopplung, ein moderner, melodisch-hymnischer Rocker, trägt den Titel `I Want The Darkness To Stop´ und gibt es im Video für Euch.



Now you’re gone
Did you know who I ever was?
Maybe a fool
Maybe a spell you don’t want to come undone

Did you know… it was going to turn this wrong
Do you still want to know
If I still sing the songs we used to love

Now I drift into the dark
I’m so afraid to relive it… When I turn out the light

Hand on heart, I beg you to take me home
I wish I dream, I wish I may
I wish I might be with you tonight

Let me take just one
One last look at the promised land
If that’s all that remains… Will I see you again?
Tell me why you dare
To pretend there was never love
All I need, all I ask, all I want… is the darkness to stop

„Mechanics of Predacity“ Trackliste:

1. For What is Owed to Us
2. Let the Nightmare Come
3. I Want the Darkness to Stop
4. Let It Burn
5. Can We Be Heroes Again
6. Crown Of Thorns
7. Obsessions of the Mind
8. Build the Silence
9. A World That’s Departed
I. About to Reset
II. Absentia
III. A Final Sense Of Truth
10. Born Out Of Time