You are currently viewing LORDS OF BLACK – ’Bound To You’ Video-Single Premiere

LORDS OF BLACK – ’Bound To You’ Video-Single Premiere

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Ronnie Romeros LORDS OF BLACK bringen ihr Album, “Alchemy Of Souls, Part II” Mitte Oktober heraus und streamen heute ein weiteren Track als Video: ’Bound To You’.

Tony Hernando nennt es:

„A very powerful yet melodic song that we’re sure will be a fan favorite at live shows! A musical journey unto itself because all the different parts are in different keys and dynamics. The lyrics speak about how we are all interconnected, through space, time, generations and thru art, especially thru music. This gives us the ability to feel and live experiences we haven’t really lived through. This is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings and something that always, especially at crucial moments like now, make us wonder, makes us want to be the best we can be.“



Time doesn’t heal

Let me undo the wrong, let me be the one

I’m so tired of the same mistakes

Been here, done that… Over ’n over


Life is telling me now

That the weak are meat for the strong to eat

Consequences of words and deeds

Everywhere… everyday


Shadows of home… Ghosts of my past

Time will be on my side



Destiny calls… Whenever I am gone

Tides take me back to you

Yesterday is gone, but all that matters still belong

I’m always bound to You


Did you ever think jealousy

Was against you… (you’re) not the only one

Tell me I need to believe

End this war… for the World to see


Sail on the unknown

Greater good… always worth the pain

Come to me and we’ll make our love

Great again… Yet again


Meet me again…in the midst of a dream

Time’s always on your side




We’re all connected by fate and coincidence.

we are bound to others, past and present, shaping the present and future

You can remain there and risk nothing… or you can come with me